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Monday, 03 November 2008 15:49


Mountaineering (mountain climbing) and indoor climbing are the fastest growing sports in the world now. In North America there are now more than 600 indoor climbing gyms, and the sport is enjoying incredible growth in Asia. Here are some figures: China: More than 25 gyms and more than 100 artificial walls in universities, shopping centers, and hotels and resorts; the same in Taiwan; Indonesia: More than 12 gyms, Thailand: More than 20 gyms, Philippines: More than 17 gyms, Malaysia: More than 27 gyms, Singapore: More than 12 gyms… in Japan there are more that 130 indoor climbing gyms!

Its fun, safe and suitable for almost all ages. Recreational climbing is suitable for people from as young as 4 years old and up. This is what makes is such a popular sport all over the world. It is a safe, healthy and fun activity for families, groups of friends, companies, schools and universities, even individuals can enjoy climbing. We will offer kids climbing time, birthday parties, teen after school sessions, adult lessons, classes for women, corporate team building events.

Its fantastic exercise. One disturbing trend seen all over the world today is the amount of people, especially children becoming over-weight and unhealthy because they are less active than before. Climbing builds strength, flexibility, balance, and control. A workout for everything from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes, climbing gets you in truly great shape!

Learning Through Adventure. Learning through adventure and activity based programs is proven to be one of the most effective ways of building communication, listening, teamwork, and leadership skills. This method of learning greatly increases people’s self-esteem and confidence, as well as decision making skills. Climbing commands a total focus on the task at hand.

Making the next move drives away distractions, providing a release from stresses of the daily grind. The intense problem solving challenge remains fresh is climbing routes can be changed regularly.Top roping, or climbing on the high walls with a rope attached to an anchor point at the top of the wall, will be the method for your wall. It is the safest form of climbing since a person should never fall further than the amount of slack in the rope (usually about one foot or 1/3 of a meter).

Our highly qualified, experienced staff will train and teach your staff all of the safety, equipment and techniques that will make climbing fun and exciting for all your clients. Overtime we can certify some of your staff to become instructors, then they can teach new staff and customers everything they need to know. Climbing equipment used will only be of the highest commercial quality, designed specifically for the sport. We will teach you how to properly maintain your equipment, inspect it and ensure it is replaced on regular schedules.